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Artist Statement - Rebeca Mojica

chainmail lindstrom pliers
I have always been a tactile person, so it is not surprising that I was drawn to the ancient art of chainmaille. As soon as I made my first piece—a belt—I realized it was incredibly soothing to link together ring after ring and watch a pattern unfold. At the time, I imagined I would do more beadwork or metalsmithing, because that is what I saw around me. But I could not deny my love for maille. With no experts around to teach me, I began exploring this relatively untapped medium on my own.

Chainmaille is a marriage between mathematics and free-form shape, between right- and left-brain talents. I'm fascinated that a single shape can be put together in so many ways, yielding virtually an infinite number of textures and patterns. I absolutely love picking up a piece of chainmaille and feeling its very distinct personality come to life in my fingers. By using colored rings and combining classic weaves in new ways, I try to erase people's preconceived notions of chainmaille. When I hear someone say, "Wow! I didn't know chainmaille could do that!", then I know I've succeeded.

As a teacher, I help students discover that they can create beauty using only their hands, pliers and jump rings. There is a sense of instant gratification after completing a bracelet in a few short hours. I offer students an escape from the daily grind, and a chance to be captivated by this meditative art form.

People often tell me, "You must have so much patience." But when you do something you love, patience doesn't even enter the picture. This truly is my passion, my love.

chainmail rings weaving
Must....close rings....perfectly!

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