B3 Can Really Move!

It’s been one week since we tackled our big move and while our buildout isn’t quite where we hoped it would be, we’re still pretty darn excited to be in our new space.  The move went amazingly smoothly (we were done in less than 4 hours!)  Especially impressive because, in lieu of hiring professionals, our team stepped up and volunteered to do the heavy lifting themselves to help save the business some money (amazing, right?)

Because this was such a big day for us, we knew we needed to some documentation which resulted in the fun video below.  Watching the video footage from the day, we were struck yet again by all the smiles, laughter and great attitudes the team kept throughout the day.  Hey, if this whole chainmaille thing doesn’t work out, maybe we can start a new moving business *wink*.

Want to see how our space develops?  Hop on over to our page on Facebook and check out the photo album we started for “Our New Space!”


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