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What’s new on the B3 site

Share this:As many of you know, we are in the sometimes slow, but always steady, process of improving our website. What Rebeca started years ago as just a simple point of contact for local folks has turned into a major portal for customers all over the world, and we are the first to admit that… Read more »

Our focus for 2011 is people

Share this:I am buried in blueprints and city ordinance paperwork (ugh) right now, but I wanted to take a moment to personally wish you a Happy New Year! (Yes, I know it’s a little late….) I’ve been very touched by all the personal emails I’ve received in the past few weeks from customers letting me… Read more »

We’re Hiring!

Share this:We continue to be buried under an avalanche of orders, and we’re looking for someone to help shovel us out. Specifically, we need an inventory assistant/quality controller who is available to work weekends or nights/early mornings. This is an entry-level position, but there is plenty of room for growth within the company for the… Read more »

We’re on!

Share this:Blue Buddha Boutique is included in a feature on! Check out 11 Cool Workplace Perks and click on the drink icon. Though somehow they think we do Happy Hour every day, and really it’s every Friday. *grin* I’ll email them about that… The chocolate part, however is completely true! This is quite an… Read more »