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The Spring Cleaning Continues! Get These Kits Before They’re Discontinued

We’re lucky to have such a creative team who consistently comes up with new, amazing designs. Heck, in the last few weeks alone we launched Barrel Ride Necklace, Wobble Necklace, Rubber Interwoven Bracelet, three additional new Spring Seasonal kits and our latest Exclusive Collection kit, Niobium Sleek Cuff). Phew! Can we take a nap now?… Read more »

Chainmaille Tips and Tricks Videos: How to Hold Your Project and Get Leverage in a Tight Spot

We keep adding new videos to our YouTube channel, so subscribe now and don’t miss a post! Most recently we addressed two common things can can trip up even intermediate-level maillers: how to hold onto your chainmaille project while you’re working on it, and how to get leverage when you’re weaving through a tight spot…. Read more »

Happy 3rd Anniversary, CHAINED!

The traditional third anniversary gift is leather, which goes quite nicely with chainmaille, don’t you think? We can’t believe that Rebeca has been creating and enabling chainmaille addicts through her book CHAINED for three years already! Since 2010, more than 30k copies of the book have been sold worldwide. Writing a book is tough enough,… Read more »

Featured Weave Contest for September: Roundmaille

For September, we’re featuring Roundmaille (which includes, but is not limited to Open Round, Turkish Round, Roundmaille, Captive Inverted Round, etc.). These weaves are super versatile, so we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Roundmaille is tube or rope-like, and with an endless number of variations, it can be made anywhere from… Read more »