chainmaille weaves by Blue Buddha Boutique

Blue Buddha Chainmaille Patterns

Browse more than 150 chainmaille designs as originally featured on the Blue Buddha Boutique website from 2004-2016. You'll find early work from artists such as Rebeca Mojica, Kat Wisniewski, Omni Mee and more. Some designs are available as FREE or paid downloads, while others are shown for inspiration and eye-candy purposes only. Enjoy!





chainmaille tutorials by Blue Buddha Boutique sold on Etsy

Buy Chainmaille Project Instructions

PDF tutorials for 60+ chainmaille designs can be purchased on the Blue Buddha Boutique Etsy shop. You can also find chainmaille kits, tools, findings and other supplies. Be sure to check the Specials section to score some good deals on excess inventory or limited-edition items.





headshots for rebeca mojica, nadja aller, kat wisniewski and other chainmaille designers at blue buddha boutique

Meet the Designers

Blue Buddha Boutique is honored to have worked with many talented chainmaille designers throughout the years. Hop on over to our "About" section to find out more about these amazing folk and check out their various websites and creative endeavors.





chainmaille jewelry by Rebeca Mojica

Buy Handmade Chainmaille Jewelry

Shop for high-quality chainmaille jewelry by Blue Buddha Boutique founder Rebeca Mojica on her website or in her Etsy shop - Rebeca Mojica Jewelry. For lots of eye candy, see her gallery of custom work and exclusive designs at





chainmaille and wirework magazines

Magazine Projects Archive

Dozens of projects published from 2004-2015 in magazines such as Step by Step Wire Jewelry, Wirework and Bead&Button. (Sorry, not currently available, but some info from this page may return at some point).