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The Frequently Asked Questions section contains an archive from 2005-2016. Please note that some of the information is still valid and other areas may be out of date. Proceed with caution.







inner diameter jump ring conversion chart

B3 Ring Names

Wondering what the heck all those letters and numbers in our ring names mean? Check out this explanation and conversion chart for Blue Buddha jump ring sizes. Our full-price tutorials always list ring conversions to fractional inches and mm,  (some of the sale tutorials might not). If you ever have questions about a conversion, please email [email protected] and we'll help you out. Note that we can't guarantee that other suppliers rings will match ours, so please direct any questions about another vendor's rings to that particular vendor.







chainmaille weaves by Blue Buddha Boutique

Ring Stats & Uses

This is an archived page of stats & uses for base metal jump rings as originally featured on the Blue Buddha Boutique website from 2004-2016. This page is NOT being maintained nor updated, but so many people requested it, so we have resurrected it for your viewing convenience! Enjoy!







chainmaille weaves by Blue Buddha Boutique

Ring Size Widgets

A beta version of our original Ring Size Transmogrifier ("re-size a chainmaille weave") and other aspect ratio calculators for jump rings. We never finished developing these widgets, but you can still play around with them - the "resize a chainmaille weave" is pretty nifty if you're looking to create a smaller or larger version of a weave that uses multiple ring sizes (especially across multiple gauges).







chainmaille weaves by Blue Buddha Boutique

Chainmaille Classes

We no longer have a retail shop in Chicago, but Rebeca occasionally teaches at events and bead shows in Los Angeles and around the country, and she'll list her upcoming events in this section. Additionally, you'll find there are several former Blue Buddha instructors in the greater Chicago area and Wisconsin who are available to teach small group and private lessons.