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How can I make my order tax exempt?

Non-Illionis Businesses

If your business is not based in Illinois, you will not be charged sales tax.  Online orders are set up to recognize all out-of-state and international orders as tax-exempt.  If you place a phone order, we'll see your address and will know not to charge you sales tax.  Easy as pie!

Illinois Businesses

Before Ordering

We need a hard or digital copy of your tax certificate in order for Illinois-based businesses and individuals to receive tax-exempt ordering status. In the event we are audited, we need to provide a copy of your Illinois tax certificate to the IRS. Rather than try to track you down two years from now, we'd prefer to keep your certificate neatly organized in our files.  A stitch in time saves nine, and frankly, we'd like to do everything we can to be prepared for the tax man!

Even if you are one of our best customers, we can only exempt you from sales tax if we have a valid certificate on file. No exceptions.

Note that your tax ID comes from the state of Illinois and should be an 8 digit number such as 1234-5678.  We do not accept FEINs for this purpose, as federal certificates have nothing to do with state sales taxes.

Placing Orders

Once we have your tax ID, we'll enter it into our database so you won't have to provide it again (until the certificate expires, at which point, we'll request a new one). When you place a phone order, we'll see that you're exempt and will create the order accordingly.

Right now our shopping cart does not allow us to distinguish between tax-exempt and non tax-exempt customers for online purchases, so if you pay online, you'll pay sales tax.  Your order will come through our system with an alert flag (and just to be safe, you can write a note in the "special instructions" section). When we process your order, we'll refund the sales tax.