Making the world better one good deed at a time

I did my good deed for the day.  I can’t go into detail without perhaps painting a competitor in a bad light, so I won’t.  Suffice it to say, I did something that will barely benefit me, but will help a competitor (and all my peers/customers/friends who deal with this competitor) avoid a potentially bad situation.

Why did I do it?  Well, mostly for the peers/customers/friends, whom I like and respect very much. Many of them have helped me in the past.  And maybe, too, I did it ’cause I still believe that baby steps change the world.  Reaching out and helping someone—even someone traditionally considered “the enemy”—can be empowering.  I feel good.  Nothing like a bit of altruism to get my brain neurons all worked up in that “warm and fuzzy” sort of way.  I sometimes contemplate what the world would be like if everyone acted selflessly.  Or at least, a bit more so.

One of the bead stores where I teach has a document displayed in the employee area, encouraging workers to go out and smile and make someone’s day.  Such good advice.  On this dreary, snowy day in March, I humbly ask you to do the same.  Make someone grin today, or help a person you wouldn’t normally help.  I’m not a blind idealist. I know that some recipients won’t appreciate your gesture.  But I hope you’ll try again.  Because most people DO like it when others make them feel good, and perhaps, they in turn will make someone else’s day.  Small flaps of a butterfly’s wings, rippling around the world.

Oh, and P.S.  Don’t ask me via email for more details about my good deed, ’cause I won’t tell (and I’ll think less of you for asking, since I specifically said not to.) So don’t do it.  Just get out there and do your own good deed. :-)

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11 years 7 months ago

Good for you, not only for doing the good deed but for telling us about it without the details.
Doing an random act of kindness “RAK” goes a long way.
If your competetor knows of your good deed, you may start a trend. Good deeds always have a high return!

Nancy Z. Leck
11 years 8 months ago

Good for you !! I too believe in baby steps ! And I really believe people like to deal with a business that is honest and reputable even if it costs them more!