Cool gift from a customer

Some of you may know that I recently took some time to visit my mom. She lives in Puerto Rico, and of course I am more than happy to travel to a tropical paradise once or twice a year to see her :-)

Taino motifWhile I was there, I met up with a few customers. So nice to put faces to names! One customer, Benjamin, presented me with the pendant shown at right.  He made it with Bronze Metal Clay (BRONZclay) and has decorated it with a Taíno motif.  The Taínos are the peoples indigenous to Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands.   I’m wearing it today with pride.  And, of course, one of these days I’ll make a bronze chain to match!

It’s been on my to-do list for years and years, to create chainmaille inlays with Taíno art. Since I’ve never managed to get around to it, I was thrilled to receive this pendant. Thanks, Benjamin!

See more of Benjamin’s creations on his website:

Read more about Taínos on Wikipedia.

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13 years 5 months ago

I am collecting replicas of Pre-Historic Norwegian and Swedish Viking jewelry; they made most of it in bronze….. (Check out the web site; I do not have any interest in that company, but their work is first-rate!) In bronze, I can get substantial, heavy jewelry that doesn’t break the bank. and it is such a warm pretty metal.
The Viking jewelry was also found in archeological digs in Ireland. Therefore, people interested in Celtic culture will find a strong Viking component and influence!
Food for thought…….
Namaste, Nina