B3 at the One of a Kind Show THIS WEEKEND!

We are so pleased to be one of the over 600 artists participating in the One of a Kind Show & Sale again this year.  Rebeca has already been rocking it out at our booth (#8087!) selling her unique handmade chainmaille jewelry.  However, the B3 goodness happening at the show doesn’t stop there.  Rebeca’s Mystical Waterfall necklace will be working the runway this weekend.  Also, you can stop by our booth on Saturday at 1pm for a special artist demonstrationChainmaille: From Chain-Link Shirts to Spectacular Jewelry.  Stop by and feel free to ask any chainmaille question you’d like.  Wondering about colored rings?  What are the best projects for beginners?  Do you want to know which of Rebeca’s projects have gone terribly wrong?  Just ask!  The demonstration is only supposed to last 20 minutes, but Rebeca will stick around to answer your questions until they have all been answered.  You can also take this opportunity to check out her new book, CHAINED.

Longtime student Lisa and her friend rocking out the One of a Kind Shopping bags.

Finally, we were all super-excited when we saw that Rebeca’s Poseidon’s Embrace (which has been popping up on the One of a Kind website, ads, and eblasts galore) is also gracing the OoaK shopping bags!  All this exposure is obviously exciting for us at B3, but we mostly excited about the opportunity for us to continue to position the art of making chainmaille jewelry alongside other highly respected art forms – right where it belongs!

See you at the show!

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