B3 = Inspiration Central

According to Thomas Edison, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”  At B3, we’re all for hard work but we think maybe 1% is selling the impact of “inspiration” a bit short.

We do our best to surround ourselves with inspiration whether it comes in the form of the blogs we follow, the music we play in the office, the books and magazines in our employee library, NPR, shiny jump rings, or unique findings.  We also find ourselves surrounded by inspirational weave samples created by B3 interns.  Looking around at the piles of these samples which find their way into the (very few) empty spaces of our studio, we decided it was high time we started sharing these with all of you.

As such, we recently created a photo album on facebook called, appropriately enough, “Intern Samples”.  This album will be updated regularly with photos of our most drool-worthy samples to inspire your own explorations and variations.  We hope you’ll find these images helpful when you need a creative spark to get you started on your next project.

We are happy to answer questions you have about anything you see – when you contact us, just let us know you saw it on facebook so we know where you’re looking.  In the Chicago area and interested in becoming a B3 intern?  Visit the Jobs page on our website to find out how to apply.

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