Show Off Your Maille: Monday

We have declared this week “Show Off Your Maille” week.  Each day, we’ll be wearing some of our favorite pieces of maille (made by us and others) and posting pics of what we wore to work here on our blog.  Today’s pics feature two of our amazing order processors, Lisa and Artie.  Both of them are super-crafty in so many ways – it’s not surprising each of these pieces were made by them.

Lisa’s Sterling Silver, European 4-1 Bracelet with Indian clasp:


Artie’s awesome wallet chain:

Help us spread the addiction!  Wear your maille with pride this week and post pics of yourself in your maille to our wall on Facebook.  Friday’s blog post will feature your photos!

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12 years 3 months ago

This is the coolest idea ever!!!

Ah, if only I didn’t work at home on my red couch all day. I’ll have to wear my maille when I go out and do errands.

Which I’m about to do now. Hmm….