“Show Off Your Maille” week, 2012: Friday/Fanday!

It’s the final day of “Show Off Your Maille” week which also means it’s Fanday!  In addition to a couple final B3 show-offs, we are also posting a bunch of work posted by some of our Facebook community members.  Thanks to everyone who shared their work with us as well as all of you who wore your chainmaille in pride this week. It’s really the people who love this craft that have helped increase its popularity and who continue to educate other folks about how it is made and what value it has.

Kudos to you for doing your part!  Keep showing off!

If you’ve ever called B3 with a chainmaille emergency, question or anything else for that matter, you’ve probably spoken to this little lady a time or two.  Aimee is our customer care supervisor and chainmaille expert.  She also has a myriad of other talents as evidenced by the gorgeous wire-wrapped ring she is wearing in the picture (also made by her!)

Dan is showing off one more time!  Another customer care specialist/chainmaille expert – he fields many of your questions as well plus some of you may recognize him from the Bead&Button show.

Finally, give it up for our Facebook community show-offs!  You folks inspire us to do what we do – thanks so much for sharing your awesome work with us!  See something you like?  Hop on over to our page on Facebook and leave a comment or give a like to this fan photos.

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