“Show Off Your Maille” week, 2012: Thursday

Perhaps not surprisingly, even folks that join our team as total strangers to chainmaille don’t stay that way for long.  Today’s show-offs are our General Manager, Nadja Aller and me, Jenna Deidel, B3’s Marketing Maven.  Despite being lifelong artists and crafters, neither of us knew much about chainmaille jewelry when we first began working at Blue Buddha Boutique.  That quickly changed (as you can see from the photos below) and we’re so glad it did.

Don’t forget – we’ll be highlighting photos shared on our Facebook wall by folks like you here on our blog tomorrow!  Make sure to stop by and post a pic of the pieces you’re showing off today.

Above: Nadja shows off her “Dodecahedron” necklace (yes, those are hands!!) as well as her black and red “Tapered Mobius” necklace.

Above: Jenna double-wrists it with Rebeca’s design, “Elfweave Braid“, on the left and Kat’s design, “Rapid Track“, on the right. 

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