Free Holiday Jewelry Project: Red & Green Scale Maille Bracelet

The holidays find many crafters in a making frenzy and it seems like no matter how much you plan, there’s always that one last minute gift you end up discovering you need to make in a hurry. Below is a super-quick jewelry project that comes together easily but will still impress your recipient. (Plus, it’s so quick to make, you’ll even have time to whip up an extra one for yourself to keep!)

Happy Holiday Weaving!

Holiday Scale Maille Bracelet

by Blue Buddha Boutique

Materials List:

1 pack of 25 red anodized aluminum scales
1 pack of 25 green anodized aluminum scales
1 pack of 100 F18 green anodized aluminum jump rings
F = 5/32” (4.0mm)
18ga SWG = 0.048” (1.2 mm)
8 size D18 jewelry brass rings (for clasp)
1 gold color Cursive Toggle

Or simple purchase our Holiday Scale Maille kit – available through December 31st!

Prep: Pre-open all size F18 jump rings.


1. Using a small ring, connect one end of your clasp to a scale.

2. Add the next scale by aligning it with the first one, and weaving a small ring through the holes on either side of the clasp ring.

3. Add the next scale by aligning it with the second scale and weaving through the holes on both scales on either side of the project.

4. Continue step 3 until you reach your desired length.

5. Finish the bracelet by attaching your clasp as shown.

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