Weave Ideas: Toggles as Earrings and Square Wire Rings

Need some inspiration? We’re always happy to help. Check out the Weave Idea blog posts we’ve done in the past, as well as the Weave Ideas photo album on our Facebook page. Happy weaving! :-)

We love these D toggles as a closure for bracelets, but we really love using them to make a quick pair of dangly earrings!

Add some small rings, a little Euro 4-1 weave; maybe some chain with crystals or scales and VOILA!


As for something a little less … dainty. We really love the weight and durability of the B3 Steel Collection, including the square wire rings that have become so popular.¬†Here’s a few ideas of weaves that work well with our steel square wire.

Pictured below are a Helm Flower, Wobble and Dragontail.

HelmFlower-300 Wobble-300 Dragontail-300

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7 years 11 months ago

Beautifull jewelry design share in the blog post ..