48 Beautiful Ombre Ideas For Colorful Jewelry Making

Be Inspired By These 3-Tone Color Fades Of Chainmaille Jump Rings

As most of you know, I love creating ombres with the chainmaille pieces in my Rebeca Mojica Jewelry line.

I finally created a sample sheet of many ombre possibilities to inspire me and help customers decide on colors for their personalized pieces. I printed the chart to leave it near my workstation, because I love looking at color and contemplating the possibilities!  I thought it might be inspirational for other artisans, too, so here ya go:


Here’s the “water” ombre in action in my Tapered Mobius Necklace:

chainmail necklace in purple blue and turquoise on display form

In chainmaille, the ombres work particularly well with mobiused pieces, because you can transition the color very gradually by changing the color makeup of each adjacent mobius unit. (If you’d like to know how to make the necklace, you can purchase the Tapered Mobius tutorial in the Blue Buddha Etsy Shop.)

Here are a few other examples of some of my most popular ombre pieces of jewelry:

flame colored scalemaille necklacePurchase Elemental Leaves necklace tutorial.


5-flower-ROCKFree downloadable tutorial for Flowers Bracelet (which is easily adapted into the earring pattern shown here).


Free downloadable tutorial for Shaggy Scales. (Both of the previous 2 earrings shown are Shaggy Scales, just with the scales in different orientations.)

chainmaille necklace with scale in turquoise, green and brownPurchase tutorial for Knotted Triangle Necklace With Scale.


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2 years 11 months ago

Really, I am impressed by your articles and I love creating ombres idea with the Chainmaille Jump Rings. This is inspirational for other artists. Thank you for such a great information and guiding us.

Laina Torres
3 years 10 months ago

You do inspiring chainmaille.It has actually lifted me out of a bad spell of big polar depression. Kudos to all of you at bluebuddha.Thank you from my heart.From Laina with love.