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sapphire birthstone jewelry

September Birthstone Inspiration (Sapphire) for DIY Jewelry Projects

Share this:Create birthstone-inspired chainmaille jewelry for September Our featured September birthstone kit is the popular Glass Caterpillar bracelet. Purchase all-in-one, limited-edition kits on our seasonal page. If you’d like to customize a different color scheme, check out the supplies list at the bottom of the Glass Caterpillar page for a shopping list. Other September Birthstone… Read more »

Vote for the 2013 Mailler of the Year!

Share this: The creativity and skill of our customers never ceases to amaze us. Since 2011, we’ve held the Featured Weave Contest every month, choosing a weave, product or theme, and challenging our talented customers to make something great. And 2013’s contest submissions didn’t disappoint! We saw everything from elegant, delicate jewelry to teddy bears… Read more »

Congratulations to December’s “Featured Product” Contest Winner

Share this:Voting for December’s Featured Product of the Month contest is officially closed and the winner as chosen by you is……   Wing N. with her piece “Japanese Dragonscale Bracelet” Congratulations, Wing! Your creativity has earned you a B3 gift certificate for $25! To claim your prize, please send an email to [email protected]. We also… Read more »