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We’re Hiring!

Share this:We continue to be buried under an avalanche of orders, and we’re looking for someone to help shovel us out. Specifically, we need an inventory assistant/quality controller who is available to work weekends or nights/early mornings. This is an entry-level position, but there is plenty of room for growth within the company for the… Read more »

“Monsters & Money in the Morning”

Share this:This morning I appeared on CBS’ Monsters & Money in the Morning as an example of a small business thriving in these economic times. The producer saw the article in yesterday’s Chicago Tribune and wanted to find out more. Here’s a few screenshots: Me, wearing the Dodecahedron Choker. Mike North contemplating my sculpture titled,… Read more »

Blue Buddha featured in the Chicago Tribune

Share this:I’m excited that Blue Buddha Boutique is featured in the Minding Your Business column by Ann Meyer in the Chicago Tribune. I appreciate being recognized for my artistic talents, but it is also immensely satisfying to be acknowledged in the business community. You know, bridging that whole right-brain/left-brain thing and all. See the full… Read more »