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Stainless Steel SALE!

Share this: Over the past year, we have slowly been transitioning to stainless steel rings made from a new, easier-to-manipulate wire.  We began by replacing some of our most popular sizes (F18. H18, L16) and liked the new wire so much that we decided to replace all of them! At this point, almost all sizes… Read more »

Chainmaille kits by artists – FOR YOU!

Share this:We released the first B3 project (“Scale Barrette”) from chainmaille designer Omni Mee last week and have turned our focus to a long-anticipated tutorial for Lisa Smeltzer’s epic “Dragon Eye Pendant” (shown left).  Beginning to work with more new designers is a fun new adventure for B3.  We are also continuing relationships with successful… Read more »

Project Ideas for our New Toggles

Share this:We recently added a bunch of new toggles (mostly sterling silver) to our findings page.  Knowing that sometimes it can be difficult to know what toggle will compliment your project, we have compiled some suggestions for each of these new beautiful finishing touches below. We hope you find these tips useful and encourage you… Read more »