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Share this: November 4th, 2010 is Blue Buddha Boutique’s official “Book Bombing Day” for Rebeca’s new book CHAINED. Click on the image above or follow the link below to order your copy bursting with 144 pages of 30+ projects and variations and tips and tricks galore.  Buying your copy TODAY helps drive up CHAINED‘s ranking… Read more »

Introducing our Premium Scales

Share this:We are excited to debut our premium anodized aluminum scales. Actually, we debuted them at the Bead&Button show, but they were such a hit that we nearly sold out and had to rebuild our stock before putting them on the website! These scales are simply unbelievable – brilliant, shiny and full-coverage (so yes, even… Read more »

Bulls Eye Fun

Share this:Our summer intern Sam recently got to know the Bulls Eye weave very, very intimately. The image at left shows large version with T14 turquoise, P16 blue, F18 for the center “bulls eye” and I18 connecting the bulls eye to the turquoise rings. We’ll probably make some aluminum earrings with this size because they’ll… Read more »

Rubber Celtic Visions Star

Share this:A customer asked us if the Celtic Visions Star was possible with rubber rings, so we had intern Angelique do some futzing. Here are the results. We know that some of you rubber fanatics will want to make zillions of these. They look cool, but Angelique warns that they are very, VERY tight. So… Read more »

Book cover of Chained!

Share this:It’s possible that I’m a little obsessive in checking Amazon rankings for my book, especially considering it hasn’t even been released yet. *cough, cough* Today when I popped over there, I noticed that the cover image is now visible. Woo! We will begin accepting pre-orders for Chained on our website sometime in September or… Read more »