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Color variation is just a fact of life (Anodized Aluminum 101)

Welcome to the first article in a series of three that we’re calling “Anodized Aluminum 101“.  Ever wonder what causes color variation?  Want to know what the anodizing process looks like?  Not sure why there are no white anodized aluminum rings?  Stay tuned to find answers to all these questions…and more. ========================================================================== We make it… Read more »

Celebrating products made in the USA!

A year and a half ago, Blue Buddha Boutique began the process of manufacturing our own Anodized Aluminum rings (our highest selling product) and making them 100% made in the USA – from metal, to wire, to rings, to anodizing.  We are 94% of the way there: out of 130 different batches of rings (colors/sizes),… Read more »

Mystical Waterfall

I did not plan on submitting something to the fashion show at the One of a Kind Show this year, simply because with everything else going on, I didn’t think I’d have time to craft something worthy. However, when they invited me to submit something last week, I couldn’t say no. So over the holiday,… Read more »

Introducing our Premium Scales

We are excited to debut our premium anodized aluminum scales. Actually, we debuted them at the Bead&Button show, but they were such a hit that we nearly sold out and had to rebuild our stock before putting them on the website! These scales are simply unbelievable – brilliant, shiny and full-coverage (so yes, even the… Read more »