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Chainmaille Tips and Tricks Videos: Ask Rebeca & How to Fasten a Toggle

Rebeca gets asked a lot of questions about chainmaille. A LOT. And for good reason. She’s a pro! These questions come in through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and via email ([email protected]). Do you have a burning question about weaving? Inspiration and design? Tricky weaves? Using tools or different kinds of rings? Her favorite food? Rebeca is ready… Read more »

Featured Weave Contest – December 2013

Submissions are now being accepted for the December Featured Weave Contest! Send in a photo of your projects using the mobius technique. A great skill for chainmaille newbies to learn, it is also adaptable for the pros to incorporate into more complex designs. For some mobius instructions and projects, check out Forward & Backward Mobiusing, and  Wiggle, Flowers,… Read more »

You Made the Jewelry – Now Display It!

Whether you’re headed to a trade show or just displaying it at home, your jewelry’s presentation can be as important as the jewelry itself. Like a picture without a frame — it’s fine alone, but the frame makes it shine that much more. Here are a few methods of presenting your jewelry in inviting, interesting… Read more »