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If you need assistance, first check our comprehensive FAQ section with dozens upon dozens of answers and articles about our products as well as chainmaille and crafting in general. It's very likely you'll find what you need in the FAQ! Note that due to B3 going out of business in April, we have limited staff and can only answer questions related to order errors.

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Blue Buddha Boutique
1127 W Granville
Chicago, Il 60660

Customer Care:* 866.602.RING (7464)
[email protected]

Our customer care specialist is available M-F 10 am - 5 pm CT. Please note there is only 1 person handling customer care during our final weeks, so expect long delays in our response. We will respond! We're just a bit slow due to being overwhelmed by emails and phone calls. We're trying!

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Privacy Policy: Protecting your privacy is very important to us. Your personal and purchase information will never be shared, rented, or sold to a third party. We promise to uphold this even after we go out of business! Because to do anything else would be very, very uncool, and that's just not us.