-1We have a shiny, colorful bunch of Maillers’ Choice options to help brighten up this dreary time of year. Now, we need your help to select the colorway used for the February kit.

The Mini Oval Bracelet is delightfully slinky and delicate. Even better? It’s reversible! One side highlights the base metal (aluminum, copper or jewelry brass) and the other showcases the colorful AA accents. The finished piece is just a half inch wide, but it is wonderfully intricate in look and feel. Vote for your favorite color combo today.




We often hear how much Maillers’ Choice subscribers love having a package of inspiration just show up in the mailbox every month. It’s a great way to keep your pliers busy all year long!

Good news: We’re bringing back our 15-month subscription for a limited time! This is truly the best deal if you love Maillers’ Choice. You’ll save 20% off the base of each month’s kit fee with this subscription. Crunch the numbers and you’ll see it’s a great deal; many of our Maillers’ Choice kits are more than the $19.60 you’ll be paying per kit with this subscription level. Subscribe today!

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when rings dream chainmaille jewelry

When Rings Dream chainmaille started when a box arrived at Daniel Rychtarik’s home. Inside was enough jump rings to start creating and selling chainmaille to his friends.

Wanting to learn different weaves and more applications for the craft, Dan furthered his chainmaille education, and after a few weekends of creativity and collaboration with Joshua Diliberto, Dan was determined to make this hobby a lifestyle. Soon, Courtney Hardcastle came aboard and they headed to the Renaissance Faire as their first public event. To keep up with the increasing demand, Rachel Billich joined the team.

when rings dream chainmaille bracelet

Dan recently moved on from B3 as a member of our team, but When Rings Dream continues to grow, teach and create quality custom chainmaille designs.

Stop by to check out When Rings Dream’s items at the B3 Artisan Market, 1127 W. Granville Ave. in Chicago, and be sure to like the WRD Facebook page

rubber chainmaille bracelet when rings dream

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b3guidedlearningWant to learn the basics of chainmaille so you can tackle projects on your own? Looking to hone your skills? Need to add a clasp to a project that you started ages ago, but never finished? Wondering what all those numbers on the supplies packages mean? B3′s Guided Learning is for you!

These affordable sessions are geared toward students age 16+ at any skill level. Most of the session will be spent working on individual projects, though the instructor may take a few minutes at the beginning to demonstrate basic chainmaille techniques, depending upon students’ needs. Guided Learning sessions are perfect for those who need assistance, but don’t require a full-fledged private lesson.

guided learningGuided Learning sessions will be held 6:00-7:30 pm on Thursdays (BYOB!), as well as 11:00 am – 12:30 pm on Saturdays through February and March.

Join us and make beautiful jewelry projects today!

A few notes about Guided Learning: Though we offer the use of Blue Buddha Boutique’s pliers, there are no supplies included with Guided Learning. Students should bring in any instructions or projects they would like to work on. If you’ll be purchasing something from B3 to work on, please arrive 15-20 minutes early so a staff member can assist you. Blue Buddha instructors and staff will help with size conversions, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to supply every ring needed for non-Blue Buddha projects, nor can we guarantee that the shop will have exactly what you need in stock. Whenever possible, have a few back-up projects in mind in case you cannot weave your first-choice project during Guided Learning.

Fees: Guided Learning can be purchased in a 4-session ($48) or 8-session ($90) bundle; a la carte walk-ins ($16 each) are available as well. Bundled sessions are valid for three calendar months following the date of purchase.

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Blue Buddha’s new Faux Gold Jump Ring Collection is now available in 11 new sizes for you to create affordable, elegant chainmaille with all the glamour of the real deal!


Click the earrings to download the Illusion Loops PDF tutorial for free!

Made of lightweight anodized aluminum, these rings will not tarnish, keeping your piece as beautiful as the day you created it. The look of gold, at a fraction of the price.

While aluminum is technically not hypoallergenic, many folks who have reactions to copper and jewelry brass can wear anodized aluminum without skin irritation. These rings are also perfect if you’re looking to spare your hands; aluminum is easier to work with than jewelry brass.

Another perk of faux gold: the price! With this gold anodized aluminum, your buck goes a lot further—hundreds and hundreds of rings further—than with gold-fill rings.

The B3 Faux Gold Collection comes straight from the creative mind of Blue Buddha’s founder Rebeca Mojica. Her Phoebe collection has been a hit for two years now, and she noticed an increasing number of customers asking if she carried the same pieces in gold. “As they so often do,” Rebeca said, “Customers have the BEST ideas. I mean, why not do these in gold?” She worked with the product development team at Blue Buddha to create the rings in sizes used Phoebe collection, as well as a more sizes she thought would be useful. Rebeca debuted her new gold designs to great success during the 2014 holiday season, and now, convinced of the success of these rings, she’s turning them over to you to see what you will create. dodecahedron

Give it a try with one of our Faux Gold Sampler Packs, and see what beauty you are inspired to create!

Need some ideas on what to weave with the B3 Faux Gold Collection? Try these:

Happy weaving!


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We firmly believe that not only should your jewelry be beautiful (and handmade) but so should the vessel you keep it in!

This week for Artisan Market Monday, we’d like to introduce you to Elycia, maker of lovely little ceramics. She hand crafts delightful dishes and that you’ll be happy to display your jewelry in.


Elycia lives in southern Illinois, in a cottage and studio nestled in Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge. Her ceramic pieces are inspired by the nature around her — animal, insect and floral imagery can be found throughout her work. She explains, “I love working in my small, rustic studio. I enjoy the quiet noise of the woods. I enjoy the company of rabbits, deer and squirrels as they venture near by me as if to see what I am doing throughout the day. I have a little bird that often sits on my studio door and sings to me while I work. My studio has no heating, cooling or running water. I often collect rain water to use while working. I enjoy the challenge of adapting to my changing work environment.”

Stop by the Blue Buddha Boutique Artisan Market, 1127 W. Granville, Chicago, and and check out Elycia’s dishes, jewelry and more.

Can’t make it our Edgewater shop? Visit Elycia’s Etsy shop and follow her on Facebook

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