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base-metal jump rings

Blue Buddha Boutique offers base metal jump rings in aluminum, copper, jewelry brass, bronze and stainless steel. All of our jump rings are meticulously quality controlled at every stage producing rings that are precision-sized, brilliantly shiny and flawless beyond compare.

The larger the ring pack you purchase, the less expensive the per-ring price. The packet prices include these built-in savings.
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easy to work with
Sample Kits
Aluminum-12 packs of 100
$ 35.00 out of stock
Alloy 5356 - (Bright Alum.)

Jewelry Brass

easy to work with
Sample Kits
Jewelry Brass-12 packs of 100
$ 48.00 out of stock
Alloy C226


easy to work with
Sample Kits
Copper-12 packs of 100
$ 48.00 out of stock
Alloy C110


can be challenging in 18ga and especially 16ga
Alloy C150

Stainless Steel

can be very hard to work with in 18ga and 16a. Not sure of your strength? read more...
Sample Kits
Stainless Steel-12 packs of 100
$ 84.00 out of stock
Alloy 304

Not sure what size or metal you want?
Try our sampler packs of 12 different sizes.

Sampler includes three 20-gauge packs, five 18-gauge packs and four 16-gauge packs. You'll save about 20% off the price of buying individual 50- or 100-packs.

For more information about the various metals, please see How Do I Select a Material? in the FAQ.

Also see stats and ring counts to determine what sizes to use for popular weaves. (We're updating those pages throughout the year.)

If you're still stuck, contact us and we'll help!

Stainless Steel: Try Before You Commit

Sample pack includes about 10 rings total in 20 gauge, 18 gauge, and 16 gauge.