Can I design a project for Blue Buddha?

Yes!  We have a Guest Designer program that encourages maillers both established and emerging to create projects to be sold through Blue Buddha Boutique.  More on the program below.

B3's Guest Designer Program

Blue Buddha Boutique is the proud creator of our Guest Designer program.  This program was created to connect experienced chainmaille artists interested in sharing their designs with an audience of maillers around the world interested in learning to make them.

Who should apply?:

B3 is interested in working with chainmaille jewelry artists ranging from intermediate to experienced.  Teaching experience and/or experience writing instructions is helpful but not required.  Strong applicants will have a unique perspective on the art form and a desire to share their knowledge and creativity in a generous way with maillers around the world. 

What you can expect from the program:

Once accepted into the program, you and your design will go on journey that will result in a beautiful Blue Buddha Boutique tutorial, international exposure, and the satisfaction of knowing you have inspired fellow maillers to take their chainmaille to the next level.


Targeted exposure: Your design could be featured in any number of jewelry publications as well as other Blue Buddha Boutique marketing materials which reach an audience of hundreds of thousands of jewelry artists ranging from novice to expert.
Competitive compensation: Most designers can expect to receive fees and royalites higher than typical rates for publishing a project in magazines.
Flexibility + Artistic ownership: This program is meant to support designers and help them do what they do best which is why we offer flexibility when it comes to writing and creating tutorials as well as ownership over the final product.  After a short exclusivity period, the design you create with B3′s help will be yours to sell on your own as well.

The knitty gritty:

If B3 is interested in your project, you will receive an contract that covers the details of the agreement being made between the designer and B3 in this program.  This contract will be good for 1 year and will automatically renew so long as both parties remain in agreement for it to do so.

As a B3 designer, you can expect that....

  • You will work closely with our Head of Curriculum to develop, write, and edit your tutorial
  • Our Head of Curriculum will work with you to set due dates and keep you on track to meet them
  • Our Head of Curriculum will work with you to make sure your tutorial meets B3 standards
  • Your compensation for each tutorial will be based on the workload required to create it, intricacy of design, and your involvement in completing that workload
  • You will always be credited for your work on the B3 website and any other promotional material in which your product is used
  • After a period of 6 months, you will have the right to sell your tutorial on your own, while still receiving royalties and other compensation agreed upon in the contract from Blue Buddha sales
  • Your design may be developed into a B3 kit, for which you would receive commission on sales. If B3 creates a kit around your project, you must agree that B3 will be the exclusive distributor of that kit for a period of 6 months.  (You will have access to B3 kits at a maximum discount to compliment teaching of your tutorial, but you are not be required to use them during teaching; you can use your own teaching supplies.)
  • You not need to ask permission to submit and publish other projects in magazine, books, or other publications.  You may be approached by B3 to create a kit for a recently-published project, resulting in commission on that kit's sale

How to apply:

If you’re interested in becoming a Guest Designer, please complete our submission form.  If we are interested in creating your product, we will work with you to create a product specific contract and move forward from there.