What does your company name mean?

Rebeca once had a blue glass vase that was vaguely bulbous. One day, while a friend was gazing at it, he commented, "That looks like a blue Buddha sitting over there." Rebeca loved the way it rolled off the tongue (she's a huge fan of alliteration) so she decided to use it as an online handle  back in the early days of the Internet.

When she was starting the business, she contemplating incorporating "maille" or "chainmaille" into the businessname, but she realized that she might want to branch off into other media, she decided to stick with the alliteration and go with Blue Buddha Boutique.

Later she found out that the Blue Buddha is considered a medicine Buddha, or a healing Buddha. Rebeca likes that, because she definitely thinks making chainmaille is therapeutic. 

Postscript: Although Rebeca continues to take classes to learn new and different techniques, she has firmly decided NOT to branch off into other media, at least not anytime soon. *grin*