What colors are in each of your mixes?

UPDATED March 2016: Please see our Blog post Colorful Jump Ring Mixes For Making Chainmaille Jewelry for "recipes" for our anodized aluminum color mixes. 


Anodized Aluminum Mixes

Berry Mix = Violet, Turquoise, Purple, Blue & Pink
Earth Mix = Blue, Turquoise, Green, Brown & Gold
Fire Mix = Red, Orange, Yellow & Gold
Persian Mix = Red, Orange, Gold, Brown & Black
Sky Mix = Blue, Turquoise & Aluminum
Water Mix = Blue Turquoise & Purple
Iridescent Gunmetal = Unlike our other mixes, this is not a mix of solid color rings but rather a color that contains many varying iridescent shades within a single batch of ring
Multi Mix = all colors available at the time the mix is made (no fewer than 7 in any given mix)


Enameled Copper Mixes

Denim Mix = Royal Blue, Peacock Blue, Dark Blue & Ice Blue
Fire Mix *(discontinued) = Red, Orange, Yellow & Non-Tarnish Gold *(Sorry, this mix has been discontinued due to the Orange enameled copper wire being discontinued by the manufacturer)
Meadow Mix = Gunmetal/Brown, Bright Green, Lime & Dark Green
Merlin Mix = Lavender, Violet, Eggplant & Non-Tarnish Gold
Peacock Feather Mix = Peacock Blue, Violet, Bright Green, Eggplant & Non-Tarnish Gold
Persian Mix = Red, Amber, Gold, Gunmetal/Brown & Black
Sky Mix = Ice Blue, Peacock Blue & Non-Tarnish Silver
Multi Mix = all colors available at the time the mix is made