Do you sell sterling silver?

In May of 2014, we discontinued our solid silver rings in favor of putting more resources into more popular products for our customers.  We are currently looking into carrying silver fill rings as a more affordable precious metal option.  In the meantime, we highly recommend Spiderchain as a supplier for maillers who like working with silver.  Visit her website at

If you are considering using sterling silver rings for your next chainmaille project, you may find the information below useful. 

Sterling Silver (SILV)

Price point: $$$$

Ease of use: Very easy to use and manipulate

Durability/Life Expectancy: Long-lasting if maintained properly, finish can be restored for years and years to come.

Care + Maintenance: To help prevent tarnish, store each piece of jewelry in its own sealed plastic bag, along with an anti-tarnish tab. To clean tarnish, soak in soapy water (use dishwashing soap) and then lather the jewelry with suds. Rub briskly and rinse well.

Hypoallergenic?: Although sterling is considered semi-hypo-allergenic, some people have allergic reactions to sterling, probably because of the copper content. These highly sensitive people do better with fine silver, a high carat gold, niobium, titanium, or possibly argentium silver.

Alloy: 925
1/2 hard
Composition: Silver: 92.5% - Copper: 7.5%

Note that Sterling Silver differs from Fine Silver. The copper in sterling strengthens the silver, making it suitable for maille. Fine Silver is 99% silver. Though a purer alloy, fine silver is softer and generally not recommended for chainmaille.