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Do you wholesale?

Different customers have different interpretations of "wholesale" so we'll try to cover all our bases here.

"Wholesale" Pricing

Resale - For stores, we offer pre-packaged rings in small quantities (usually 100 pc or 250 pc). These rings are neatly packaged and quality-controlled for resale, allowing you to sell the rings at prices comprable to those listed on our website.  We also package most of our kits for resale purchasing. You must provide Blue Buddha with a copy of your business license and your tax ID certificate in order to join our resale program.  Please contact us if you are interested in finding out about how purchasing our rings for resale can help boost your store's sales.

Bulk - This new program is set to launch in 2013/14 and will allow any customer to receive substaintial savings on non quality-controlled Anodized Aluminum purchased by weight.

Mix 'n' Match - If you are an individual or store who just wants to purchase several of our larger packs of jump rings, your order will qualify for Mix 'n' Match discounts.  Read more about this in our Discounts page.


Tax-Free Purchases

Illinois Businesses - Customers who live in IL must provide a valid resale certificate in order to purchase items tax free via the Internet or phone. Blue Buddha must have a physical or digital copy of your tax ID certificate before you pay for your order, otherwise you will be charged tax.

Non-Illinois Businesses - According to current tax laws, out-of-state customers do not need to provide any certificates.  Please note that tax-free purchases have nothing to do with whether or not you receive a volume or bulk discount.