Simple Aspect Ratio Calculator

Calculate Chainmaille Jump Ring Aspect Ratio

Use the widget below to quickly calculate the Aspect Ratio (AR) of a jump ring.

The Formula
AR = ID รท WD
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Note: These figures are mandrel measurements NOT actual measurements.

1. Enter the Inner Diameter (ID) of the ring.

2. Enter the Wire Diameter (WD).

The thickness of the ring must be entered using the same measurement system you used for the inner diameter. If you only know the wire gauge, you need to convert it to inches or mm. Different suppliers use different gauge systems and so it is best to get the exact measurements directly from your supplier. This chart provides standard conversions for Blue Buddha rings and can be used as a general conversion guide (however it is not guaranteed for other suppliers.)

3. The Aspect Ratio (AR) of the ring appears!

4. Enter new IDs and WDs to calculate ARs for other ring sizes.

Chainmaille Jump Ring Measurements