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Measure Chainmaille Jump Rings

If you have calipers and a pile of rings (of the same size), this tool will guide you through the process of determining the Actual Aspect Ratio (AR) of those rings.

The Formulas
ID = OD - (2 x WD)
AR = ID รท WD
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Outer Diameter

inch inch
inch inch
inch inch
inch inch
inch inch

1. Measure Ring Outer Diameter

Close a jump ring and measure its outer diameter.

We recommend measuring the OD at the cut line (kerf) and then rotating the ring 90 degrees and measuring the OD perpendicular to the cut line. We also recommend measuring multiple rings instead of just one.

Click Next when you've entered as many measurements as you'd like.

When measuring, don't squeeze too hard, just apply enough pressure until the ring won't fall out of the caliper jaws.

Why measure the OD?
Why measure more than once?
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