Join me at CraftyCon 2010!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be a panelist for the Time Management session of CraftyCon 2010 this October.  The conference was created for crafters, by crafters.  The organizers were looking  to provide an opportunity for craft professionals (current and aspiring) to network with each other, get superb business training, and have an opportunity to get their craft on! The three day conference is filled with incredible speakers, hands-on craft workshops, and a little shoulder rubbing with some of the craft industries best business gurus.

I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned in terms of time management and home-office organization—this should be especially useful if you’re looking to eventually grow your business beyond your home.  How do you get there?  When do you know it’s time to delegate?  (And how do you delegate?)  What do you do about all those little tasks that keep getting bumped to the back burner, because you’d rather work on something more exciting?  I’ll try to answer those questions and more, and share some tips that should help you become more productive and profitable.  And of course, there are dozens of other sessions designed to inspire, educate and promote industry connections.

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