Beaded Braided Ladder – Chainmaille Project Variation for Advanced Weavers

My chainmaille pattern Braided Ladder recently was published by Wirework magazine. Though I like the finished piece, the white space in the middle of the weave kept beckoning to me … and I knew I had to find some way to fill in the empty space. Because, well, that’s what I do. 😉

The result is my Beaded Braided Ladder!

Rebeca Mojica wearing her Beaded Braided Ladder Bracelet from Wirework magazine

I love how the beads fit perfectly in the spaces. The resulting bracelet is chunky but not clunky. My piece uses a neutral palette of silver, grey, and black tones for a bracelet that can accompany just about any outfit. If you use brighter colors, you can create a bold, blingy bracelet that really commands attention!

There are two subtly different ways to wear the Beaded Braided Ladder. I prefer the flatter way on the left. You could also wear it “spine side up” as shown on the right. Click on the photo for a larger image in order to see the difference – it is pretty subtle!

beaded braided ladder chain mail bracelet

Make A Beaded Braided Ladder Bracelet

Use the same supply list and instructions as found in Wirework magazine for the original bracelet, with the following additions:

  • You’ll need one 10 mm bead for each size CC14 ring—14 SWG 1/2″ (12.7 mm)—in the bracelet.
  • Plus, you’ll need an eye pin or a piece of wire for each bead, to create loops on each end. (If you hate making wire loops, check out the 1-Step BIG Looping Pliers. Be sure to select the BIG Looping Pliers (3mm loops) so that the CC14 rings will fit through the loops you make.)

I used Swarovski® crystals in color Denim Blue to create my bracelet. Purchase 10mm crystals from your local bead store or Fire Mountain Gems.

First, prep your beads by creating wire loops on each side of the bead. The loops should be sized so that you can fit the large jump ring through both of the loops, with the bead resting in the center of the jump ring (see step C below).

As you weave Braided Ladder, add the beads as shown below:

adding 10mm crystals to Braided Ladder chainmaille bracelet

A – Scoop a medium and small jump ring onto a large ring, and then add one of the wire loops on the bead.
Large ring = CC14 – 14 SWG 1/2″ (12.7 mm)
Medium ring = T16 – 16 SWG 3/8″ (9.5 mm)
Small ring = P16 – 16 SWG 5/16″ (7.9 mm)

B – Weave through the 2 end rings of the previous unit.

C – Then flip up your bead so you can hook the second loop onto your large ring.

D – Add a small and then a medium ring before closing the large ring.*

*If you prefer, you can add the bead plus all your rings in step A. Scoop them in this order: small, medium, medium, small, bead. After closing the  large ring, slide the small and medium rings into the proper position (one small and one medium on each side of the weave).

If you make a Beaded Braided Ladder, post it to our page on Facebook, or upload it to Instagram with hashtag #chainmaille and tag @bluebuddhaboutique so we’ll be sure to see it! We love to check out what our customers have made!

grey crystal and chainmaille bracelet by Rebeca Mojica



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Read more about how to create this #Beaded Braided Ladder here: #Chainmaille #Project Variation for Advanced Weavers