Limited Shipping Until Further Notice

US & Canada Only, Once Per Week (Typically Wednesdays)

[UPDATE April 24: B3 is now shipping only on Tuesdays and Fridays]
[UPDATE April 15: B3 is now shipping to Canada as well as within the US.]

text reads that Blue Buddha is shipping domestic orders once a week and there may be delays with the postal system

Due to current events, the Blue Buddha Boutique Etsy shop is shipping domestic orders once a week (typically on Wednesdays but this is subject to change). Please note that shipping may be further delayed once your item enters the postal system.

Because the situation is changing rapidly and several countries have announced foreign shipping restrictions, I’ve suspended delivery outside of the US and Canada. I’m so sorry – I hope to reinstate international delivery soon!

Please note that I am unable to ship orders on additional days, even if you offer to pay an extra fee.  (As much as I’d love to accommodate you and appreciate the extra money, I am only leaving the house once per week. My asthma and allergies have been acting up recently, and I have no desire to take my chances with this virus!) I wish I could arrange for Post Office office pickups, but sadly, package theft is rampant in my building. I appreciate your patience and understanding during these surreal times.

My apologies for any inconvenience. Be well, and may crafting be a soothing distraction during these times. 😊

Peace, love and chainmaille.



Rebeca wearing dystopian clothing with a black face mask and holding a bag of packages

Ready to drop off items at the Post Office!








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