Author: Rebeca

Bead&Button Show is over!

We did it! Kat, Jen & I just got back to Chicago and are taking the rest of today and tomorrow off before finishing the massive task of unpacking, restocking and catching up with emails. Sorry to keep you waiting even longer—but after working for a week straight (even longer, if you include all the… Read more »

Bead&Button update – Saturday

Finally, a bit of a break. Today is typically a slower day than other shopping days, but still nice and steady. We sold out of more instructions, so for those interested in Bold & Brilliant Byzantine, and our updated Dragonscale instructions, they’ll be available online soon. (Give us a couple of weeks to unpack and… Read more »

We’re on!

Blue Buddha Boutique is included in a feature on! Check out 11 Cool Workplace Perks and click on the drink icon. Though somehow they think we do Happy Hour every day, and really it’s every Friday. *grin* I’ll email them about that… The chocolate part, however is completely true! This is quite an honor… Read more »