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You Made the Jewelry – Now Display It!

Share this:Whether you’re headed to a trade show or just displaying it at home, your jewelry’s presentation can be as important as the jewelry itself. Like a picture without a frame — it’s fine alone, but the frame makes it shine that much more. Here are a few methods of presenting your jewelry in inviting,… Read more »

Happy 3rd Anniversary, CHAINED!

Share this:The traditional third anniversary gift is leather, which goes quite nicely with chainmaille, don’t you think? We can’t believe that Rebeca has been creating and enabling chainmaille addicts through her book CHAINED for three years already! Since 2010, more than 30k copies of the book have been sold worldwide. Writing a book is tough… Read more »

DIY Fashion: Geometric Jewelry

Share this:We’ve noticed a huge trend in geometric jewelry for this fall.  Triangles, chevrons, diamonds – you name it, jewelry is getting angular this season!  A craft that primarily uses circular jump rings to come together may not be the first thing that comes to mind for creating sharp lines and corners, but chainmaille can… Read more »