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Show Off Your Maille: Thursday

Share this:Only two days left to participate in our “Show Off Your Maille” week.  There is a bunch of maille walking around our studio today!  Hope these pieces inspire you (and Jason’s constant readiness to mug for the camera makes you smile like it does us!) Jason, Quality Control Specialist and Niobium Anodizer Extraordinaire:  … Read more »

Show Off Your Maille: Wednesday

Share this:It’s humpday of “Show Off Your Maille” week and it looks like the B3 team is getting more used to modeling their creations!  Enjoy these spunky pictures (complete with fist bump) of two of our order processing masters, Emily and Lisa.  BTW – this is Lisa’s SECOND appearance on the B3 blog for maille… Read more »

Show Off Your Maille: Tuesday

Share this:It’s the second day of “Show Off Your Maille” week and the pretties walking around our studio today are all by are lovely customer service gal, Aimee.  Yep, not only did she make the two piece she’s wearing today, but she also crafted the bracelet our shipping guru Erik is sporting. Aimee’s beautiful necklace… Read more »