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Most Memorable B3 Moments of 2012

Holy cow!  2012 is almost over and it was quite a year for us.  We experienced tremendous growth and change (we say that a lot, but this year felt significant.) Our team grew, our space grew (finally!!) and our vision for our future grew as well.  Not everything memorable we experienced was big though.  In… Read more »

Audit Bloopers

Rebeca’s posts about preparing for and surviving an I.R.S. audit have been getting a little more exposure lately thanks to the Chicago Artists Resource.  We’re really glad that CAR found these posts interesting and we hope that some local artists have found them useful.  Revisiting these posts, we found ourselves not only breathing another sigh… Read more »

Jello Jiggler Jump Rings!

Mailler and B3 community member, Tracy K.B., posted this photo to our wall on Facebook a few days ago and we just had to share with everyone here on our blog.  She and a bunch of mailler friends get together to work on chainmaille projects and enjoy some yummy food, so she thought she’d make… Read more »

Just for fun!

Here at B3, we love sharing fun (sometimes silly) links and photos we come across. I love getting a little gem in my inbox from one of the other B3 team members and thought I’d share a couple on the blog today.  Sometimes Mondays need a little brightening up…here’s hoping these brighten up your day… Read more »