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Beginner Level

Basic Coiled Choker

by Rebeca Mojica

As seen on page 122 of Rebeca Mojica's book, CHAINED.

We love the wave pattern created by alternating the coiled rings in this beautiful choker.  The weave is simple and very easy to create for beginners, however the sheer number of rings needed to create it makes this more of a whole weekend project than one for an afternoon.  Kit contains enough rings to create an 18" long necklace.


Chained BookInstructions for this project can be found in Rebeca Mojica's book, CHAINED (available below.)  This comprehensive book include tips and tricks for creating chainmaille as well as instructions for 22 projects ranging from beginning to expert level and dozens of variations ideas.

Project Supplies - Kits

Project kits contain all the jump rings, findings, and other necessary components to complete the project according to our project instructions. Many project kits can be customized with your favorite colors making them truly unique! Instructions are always sold separately.

Book: CHAINED - $ 22.49

Book: Chained: Create Gorgeous Chain Mail Jewelry One Ring at a Time.

Ring Size List

This weave uses two main ring sizes:


T18 - 18ga SWG 3/8" (9.5 mm)
H19 enameled copper - 19ga SWG 5/32" (4.8 mm)