Beginner Level

Celtic Traditions Barrette

by Catherine Randolph Hamilton


Link your way to simple elegance with a special hair accessory sure to be noticed! This Celtic inspired design comes together quickly and makes a lasting impression. Use one to accent your hairstyle or make a pair to frame your face.

** NOTE: No instructions are currently available for Celtic Traditions Barrette. This is an archived page intended to provide eye candy and inspiration. **

Barrettes made in copper and jewelry brass are significantly heavier than the aluminum version. If you have thinner hair we'd recommend trying an aluminum barrette first.

Some of our favorite color combinations:

 Copper (note the omitted large center ring), Jewelry Brass, and a picture for scale shown in copper.


Technical details for the images shown (depending on your ring supplier, your stats may vary):

Aluminum barrettes weigh 10.3 grams (.36 oz) when completed.
Copper barrettes weigh 25.5 grams (.90) when completed.
JBRS barrettes weigh 27.5 grams (.97 oz) when completed.

All barrettes measure 2.4"x1.7" (59 x 43 mm) at their widest points.