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Dodecahedron (Japanese Ball)

by Rebeca Mojica

This 12-sided figure makes for an eye-catching pendant approximately 1 inch in diameter. Kits include a pendant bail, but you can also thread a chain directly through any pair of rings in the ball itself. Choose from a variety of colors to make a fun piece, or create an absolutely elegant pendant in sterling.

When choosing colors, select three colors: one for the doubled rings (shown in turquoise), one for the tripled rings (shown in gold) and one for the stuffing (barely visible red rings in the core of the weave).


"Your instructions for the Dodecahedron/Japanese Ball were *so* much easier to follow than any other ones I've found. I got it on my first try! And my cat promptly claimed it as her very own, so it looks like I'll have to make another one for myself!"
– Hayley E, Canada

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Instructions - Either Hand

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Project Supplies - Kits

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Dodecahedron - Anodized Aluminum - $ 11.00 Customize and Purchase

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Ring Size List

This weave uses one ring size:

L18 - 18g 1/4 (6.4 mm)

J17 - 17g 7/32 (5.6 mm)