Advanced Level

Fire Wyrm (and Ice Wyrm Variation)

Fire Wyrm is a popular cylindrical weave that flexes well in all directions and makes for a stunningly intricate bracelet.  We love creating it using colorful anodized aluminum rings to highlight the shape and layers in this weave.  Our tutorial also comes with bonus instructions to create the Ice Wyrm variation, a more rounded version of the weave that is challenging and fun to learn. 

Chainmaille Building BlockBuilding Block Required
Fire Wyrm utilizes the techniques learned in the alternate weaving method for Full Persian shown in pages 2 and 3 in our tutorial.



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Jens Pind 3 Bracelet 
Fire Wyrm also looks great in 20-gauge rings (0.8 mm diameter). Use stainless steel or bronze rings, softer metals may pull apart too easily).  In 20-gauge, you can also add a seed bead to the orbital ring to create Beaded Fire Wyrm.  


Click the image above to view samples and see ring counts. 
Note #1 - The ring sizes are listed by Blue Buddha names - see our jump ring sizes chart to translate to inches or mm.
Note #2: The samples photographed are the ones we created to experiment and test the weaves so their are still a couple....well..."experiments" left in the pics.  All orbital rings in the top and two bottom pieces should be doubled when you create the weaves.)

RIGHT-handed Instructions

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LEFT-handed Instructions

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