Advanced Level

Glass Caterpillar

by Kat Wisniewski

Combine glass rings with chainmaille using techniques from artisan Kat Wisniewski. This restructured form of European 4-in-1 exudes sophistication. Glass rings fill the center, while complementing glass seed beads decorate the Half Persian edging.

When making this piece, You may find that not every bead slides smoothly onto the rings. This is due to slight wire gauge variations as well as variation in the size of the hole from bead to bead. Always purchase high-quality beads (which tend to have fewer variations) and buy extra beads, just in case.

Shown is a Glass Caterpillar using blue glass rings and beads to create a "sapphire" birthstone (September) bracelet.

** NOTE: Blue Buddha does not currently carry instructions for this design. This is an archived page intended to provide eye candy and inspiration. **

Chainmaille Building BlockBuilding Block Prerequisite:
Proficiency in at least 5 chainmaille weaves, including European 4-in-1 (Mesh) and Half Persian 3-in-1