Beginner Level

Xs and Os Bracelet

by Susan Thomas

Blue Buddha Boutique is proud to introduce this  fun-loving pattern from Susan Thomas, the author of Link It!

Xs and Os features colorful rubber O-rings and anodized aluminum. Round-nose pliers are highly recommended to help with the first few steps of pulling the large rubber rings through the small ones. This is an excellent weave for beginners and those interested in working with rubber rings for the first time.


** NOTE: Blue Buddha currently does not carry instructions for this design. This is an archived page intended to provide eye candy and inspiration. ** 


Colorways we tried:


Top Left: SM #1: Aqua, SM #2: Black, MED AA: Gold, LRG: Black

Top Right: SM #1: Pink, SM #2: White, MED AA: IRGM, LRG: White

Bottom Center: SM #1: Cobalt, SM #2: Purple, MED AA: Blue, LRG: Purple


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