Chainmaille manuscript nearing completion!

Many of you know that I’ve been hard at work for the past year on an instructional chainmaille jewelry book.  My deadline to turn in the manuscript and the step-by-step photos is in a few short weeks.  Now that it is nearly complete, I am more excited then ever.  I think you’ll really enjoy the projects–there’s something in there for beginners and veterans alike!

I created approximately 100 pieces of jewelry for the book (and Vanessa pitched in for another cool dozen or so). Of course, not all of them will make the final cut, but I wanted to give the editors as many color variations as possible to choose from.  It is quite satisfying to look at a pile of brilliantly colored, intertwined maille. I’ve got to keep most of the book under wraps for now (as it won’t be published for about another year), but my publisher did say I could tease you with the photo of one such pile.

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14 years 2 months ago

This photo would most definitely make me want to see more. It has a nice blend of colors,ring sizes and patterns that will appeal to a beginner as well as an experienced mailler! I know I can’t wait!
Can we pre order ???

14 years 2 months ago

Now THIS photo would make a good cover for a book!