B3 featured as a success story on Smaller Box Blog!

With the rapid growth B3 has experienced in the past few years – larger staff, bigger inventory, more products, an ever-increasing flow of orders – it is easy to forget the the whole thing started in Rebeca’s spare bedroom not so many years ago.  It is always awe-inspiring when we step back and look at how the business has developed and consider the twists and turns it has taken and the choices Rebeca has made to turn it into what it has become (and will become.)  Smaller Box Blog gave us just such an opportunity to sit back for a minute and appreciate the success we have experienced thus far when they interviewed Rebeca for their success stories series.  Rebeca herself has turned to this website many a time for advice and inspiration, so she is honored to be featured on this blog. Check out the article for insight into how B3 began and how it continues to grow and of course, stay tuned to see what B3 will become next!

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