Big Rings for Big Ideas: Weave samples for new X12AA

X12 Weave Samples

As those of you who receive our newsletter and/or follow us on Facebook and Twitter are well aware, we recently expanded our selection of 100% Made-in-the-USA anodized aluminum rings to include size X12 (12g 7/16″ / 12g 11.1mm) – a big ring for big ideas!  Featured in Rebeca’s Shaggy Loops project in 30-Minute Necklaces, X12’s are great for quick, airy projects with a lot of volume and movement.  Advanced chainmaillers will also love their potential for projects that use the coiling technique (explored in the final chapter of Rebeca’s book.)  We’ve been having a blast playing with them in the studio – here are some weave samples and ring counts (we have included rings per inch counts as well as counts to make a 7.5″ bracelet or an 18″ necklace) to get you going with this new size.  We can’t wait to see what you create with them!


Byzantine using X12 & L16, ring counts: L16=11 rpi (83 bracelet, 198 necklace ), X12=1 rpi (8 bracelet, 18 necklace)

Spiral, X12=5 rpi (40 bracelet, 90 necklace)

Rosettes, X12=9 rpi (72 bracelet, 162 necklace)


Box, X12=12 rpi (96 bracelet, 216 necklace)


Shaggy Loops, X12=7 rpi (49 bracelet, 126 necklace

“30-Minute Necklaces” featuring Rebeca’s Shaggy Loops


Here’s even MORE inspiration! We featured size X12 AA in September 2011 for our Featured Product of the Month contest and this very cool piece by Lia H. was the winner.

Want to participate in the contest? Find out what’s happening this month by clicking on the category “Featured Product of the Month”.

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6 years 5 months ago

Miss you on Granville. There is nothing but a huge hole in the ground there. I think I remember walking through your store to get to the beer garden during an Edgefest a few years back.

6 years 4 months ago

Yep, you did walk through our shop to get to that beer garden! :-) I miss Chicago too, except not during the winter, haha. I definitely miss sharing all the crafty goodies with the neighborhood.

13 years 3 months ago

LOL aw heck! You all have at least my next 6 months’ pay spent already! LOVE IT!!!!

13 years 5 months ago

Is it payday yet?