Elfweave Variations: Color Palette Ideas!

We recently released a follow up PDF to Rebeca’s super popular Elfweave Braid project.  Elfweave Variations takes the weave to the next level by offering your tips for creating 4 additional projects based on the original weave.  This PDF was created in response to folks who have been asking us for more advanced projects – we hope those of your looking for the next challenge will find it inspiring!


You can find the Elfweave Variations PDF

on the Elfweave Braid kit page!



Each of these variations can be made using enameled copper for the colored rings in place of the anodized aluminum rings used for the Elfweave Braid.  Below are some of our favorite two color combinations to help inspire your color choices for these variations.

Violet + Gold

Lime + Green

Gunmetal + Ice Blue

Burgundy + Black

Royal Blue + Seafoam

Lavender + Eggplant

Amber + Peacock Blue


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11 years 4 months ago

Awesome color combination suggestions. I may try this weave soon. Your left handed instructions make maille much easier to learn than when I tried before a few years ago.

11 years 4 months ago

theses are beautiful,if I am understanding correctly the instructions are sold sepparately from the rings,and in pdf,if this is so then another big thankyou,as I live in the uk and shipping is horrendous from anywhere at the moment
thanks, jane